Punt Testimonials

Hey Craig , picked my new punt on Saturday and went for a surf Sunday, just letting you know I love it , it's perfect for me so good job mate, thanks to all you guys for the good service, Johno was really helpfully to,top form boys!!!

Todd Kearney

Performance Mal

Thanks Craig for a fantastic board, I'm very very happy with my new custom Longboard 9'3". I asked for a log/noserider and got a performance board that is great for nose riding and great turns.

Cheers Josh Mc

Blackbird Testimonial

Took the new blackbird out at canggu over the last few days and have been absolutely frothing on it. Thanks heaps to all the guys at primitive, especially Jono and Reesy for making sure it was ready on time.
Ben Brugman

Primitive Punt - cracking board!!

I’ve recently purchased a Primitive Punt surfboard; a 6’ 1”, and it’s a cracker! I guess that even though it has been designed for the sort of waves you get up there in Queensland, it works a treat for me down here on the surfcoast of Victoria. I’ve been especially pleased with the ease with which it paddles and catches waves, whilst still having a good degree of turn and drive. Thought I’d share that one with you. Keep up the good work.

Cheers Chris

Blackbird Testimonial

G'day guys, firstly I got a 6's blackbird off yas a little while ago, took a bit of time getting in tune with it but ive had some awsome surfs in those last couple of solid swells with it, am riding it as much as my other shorty.

Great board thanks Reesy, Regards Boris

Punt Testimonial

Hi Craig

After having one of your shorty's for about 10 years I thought it was time to upgrade. I had seen your Punt model ages ago and thought I might give it a go and I have to say it goes really well. The extra foam for the same length is what I like, unlike the 90's when every board was designed to suit guys between 65-85kg it's nice to have a board design that feels just like a shorty that will still float me. Oh and I just love the spray.

Darryl Brown

Blunt Testimonial

Hi Reesy,

Took my new Blunt out for it's first run the other day and everything I hoped it would do, it did. I hoped being 2 inches shorter than my Punt it wouldn't be too short but with the extra width in the nose well it's not, it paddles into waves just as well as my Punt. It's really snappy in the pocket due to the sworn off tail, which makes me look like a better surfer than I am, how good is that! I love the carbon rails they give the board pop and the vacume bagging makes it feel super light, let's put it this way I could go on and on (and often do)! I still love my Punt but it now has to share my affections.

Again Thanks Heaps Ray B.

Punt Testimonial

Hi Craig

Was calling the new board just the other day ‘best one ever’. Goes exceptionally well on my backhand. I wish I’d be riding one years ago.. when I was fitter and a better surfer.

Peter Cox

Shortboard Testimonial

G'day Craig,

Just want to thank you for the awesome board you shaped for me before my Maldives/Bali trip last year. I've had a few great boards over the years, but this one really stands out in all surf be it beachies, reef or point breaks!

Just back from a magic week of surfing in northern NSW & thought I would send you a pic of the little beauty.

Keep up the great work! Chris Denniss

Frizzle Testimonial

Hey mate, hope you had a good b'day weekend. I was at straddie testing out the new board, surf was so much fun, clean, clear and 2-3 foot. Tested the board out for about 8 hours. Goes good, the transistion from short board to frizzle isn't a huge difference, feels heaps looser in the tail, goes pretty well across flat spots, cutties are great on it, snaps aren't the best as it kinda sticks in the pocket and a bit of speed is lost. Got a few small barrels and didn't seem to slide out too much.

It loves to climb foam, as soon as you start going up the foam it still maintains speed to easily come back down. Floaters are easily done due too the extra with. There was no sense of feeling like the board was going to nose dive either. The board isn't as fast at carving as my regular boards and feels a bit wobbly when at faster speeds. The board holds well on backhand snaps, i thought it might be too loose but it felt really comfortable.

All up it's a great fun board and I think will be good around the 2 foot goldcoast beachie surf or waves that are a little bit fatter. Anything with punch i'll use my regular shortie.

Cheers mate. Tait Whitelaw

Big Bird Testimonial

The boys sold me a 6'7" big bird last sunday which got me onto the wave of my life at cloudbreak this afternoon.
Smoking head and a half bitch which gunned all the way down the reef. Last wave of the last session too.

Bula. Stu Craig.

Big Bird Testimonial

I bought one of your 6’8” Big Birds last Christmas eve.  I am fresh from a 4 day surfari over the long weekend which never got past Angourie point and backbeach for the entire time.  The conditions ranged from 3 to 5 foot with some quality waves (most consistent surfari conditions we’ve had in the 20 years we’ve been doing them) including the extra special point break, and also some good sucky A-frame beachbreaks.  The Big Bird excelled in all conditions, with the best thing about it being the additional 50% of waves I reckon I was able to get on because of the extra length and float.

I bought it with the MR twin fins and small stabiliser, and tried a normal set of FCS G-4s to get a comparison.  The MR twin fin set-up was somehow better in all conditions, allowing more drawn out turns, but without the blow-out factor of the twinny set-up you can sometimes get (in fact I reckon I got more blow-out with the normal thruster set-up).

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know how wrapped I am with the Big Bird and will be back for more when I need the next upgrade (which would be every year if the wife didn’t get a say).   Stoked and frothing,

Pete Cribb.

Punt Testimonial

I have had plenty of boards in my 25 years of surfing, some bad, some good, but none as good as my 6'2" PRIMO Punt. I love how easy it catches waves and how loose it is in all three fin configerations (Thruster, Quad and Twinny). The punt is simply the best board I've ever owned and every time I paddle out it surfs even better. I'm thinking very seriously of getting Craig to shape me a 6'0" as well.

Ray B.

Punt Testimonial

I currently own three boards, by three different shapers, but my Primitive 6'0 Punt is by far my most favourite. The Punt surfs the best and I catch more waves with it. I'm definately going to head down and get Craig to shape me my next stick, cause they're just so good.


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