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Which parts of the SAS Program were of the most benefit?

The Feedback evening sessions, pinpointing specifics of what to work on, and video analysis. The fact that the main part of the course was actually spent in the water surfing.

The close personal attention to improving techniques and changing bad habits.

Which parts of the SAS Program were of the least benefit?

There was no part of the course that I didn’t gain some benefit from.

Sleeping on the way home.

How do you think we could improve the SAS Program?

Personally some more info on local beaches and predicting surf conditions. i.e. if it’s an easterly swell aim for… if it’s a southerly then go to…. But that is only because I’m new to the country/area.

A little more on the technical side of surfboard shaping.

Do you think you received value for money from the Program?

Err yeah!

Would you recommend others to do the SAS Program?

Yes 100%

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the SAS Coaches?

I’m going to have to say 10/10 for both Adi & Ross, I can’t find fault in the way they instruct, Very Helpful in the water, building confidence and guidance all the way. Basically found them both to be genuinely nice people. Maybe a bit selfish of Ross to bust his shoulder before the last session:)

Please comment on your SAS Program experience?

The program has given me knowledge and confidence to get out and go surfing. With the help of the passport I have a reference of areas to work on. The entire program has been good for me, seeing surfing skills to aim for, travelling to different breaks and meeting some great people. I could of quite easily bought a board and floundered about in the shore break for months on end.

Small Numbers brought the costs up I am sure but this was balanced by the quality of teaching on a more personal basis.


The SAS program has been excellent; Craig and the crew from Primitive surf, along with the instructors from Tropic Surf have all been friendly and helpful throughout the program. In fact as my ability increases, when the time comes to upgrade my board and take my skills to the next level I would quite happily do the whole thing over again.

It greatly improved my surfing skills and technique. I learned a lot about the wave catching techniques, which greatly improved my wave count. I learned a lot about wave turns and just enthused me to do more surfing. Great bunch of guys & I had a ball

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