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Blob Model

Custom Made Blobs for Only $650

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No swell, no worries when you have one of these little guys in the car.

The template draws from another extremely popular small wave board, featuring huge double concaves, a dead flat rocker, drop down rails, quad fin set up and huge wide round tail.

The results... An extremely lively board that will pick up a breath of a swell and paddles like a dream.

Very lively rail to rail and extremely quick across those flat mushy sections.

Recently we have been making them with the option of running the Knubster fin in the centre. The result is a board that has the same dynamics but a touch more drive.  Come check them out in the store and feel free to give one a demo.

Suits: intermediate to experienced

Blob Size Guide
Length Width Thickness Kilo best suits
5'0" - - 75kg + or - 5kg
5'2" - - 80kg + or - 5kg
5'4" - - 85kg + or - 5kg
5'6" - - 90kg + or - 5kg

Online Custom Sprays also available for only $100 more.
Choose from one of the sprays below when filling out your order↓

Art 001 Art 002 Art 003 Art 004 Art 005 Art 006 Art 007 Art 008 Art 009 Art 010 Art 011 Art 012
Art 013 Art 014 Art 015 Art 016 Art 017 Art 018 Art 019 Art 020 Art 021 Art 022 Art 023 Art 024
Only the sprays above are available for online orders, please take care when ordering your design.

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If placing an order outside of Metro areas please contact us for freight charges.


Size................ :
Rails............... :
Glassing........ :
Finish............. :
Fin System... :
Logo Colour. :
Carbon.......... :
Artwork........ :
Freight.......... :
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Primitive Blob Video

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