Craig "Reesy"

Age: 43
Location: Shorny
About: Craig owns Primitive Surf and shapes all of the Primo boards. He shaped his first board 23 years ago in 1988 and is coming up with new designs all the time. If you would like to know more about board design or what would work for you, just give Craig a call, email him or stop into the shop.

Punt - 6'5"
Channel - 6'10"
Shorty - 6'0''
Blackbird - 6'3"
Blunt - 6'4"
Log - 9'4"

Stance: Natural
Music: Blue King Brown, Weddings Parties Anything, Jack Johnson
Favourite Wave: Anyhting Barrelling
Favourite Surf Movie: September Session and Mad Wax
Favourite Surfer: Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Vity and Daz
Best Session Ever: Tops Boys Trip - June 2010. G-Land 2005. Periscopes 1988. Reesy Right PNG 2008. Padang Padang 2005
Where I would like to surf: Shorncliffe at 6 foot, Nias and P-Pass
Last Surf Trip: Mentawaiis 2013


Age: 29
Location: TUGUN
About: Dale has been a stallwort at Primitive since he was 14, with a decade under his belt in the industry there's not much he doesn't know. Dale can and will help you with anything you need. (Left Dale and Occy at the Corporate Surf Challenge)

MVP - 5'11''
Scimitar - 6'1"
Machete - 5'11"

Stance: Goofy
Music: Birds of Tokyo, Karnivool and All the Old School stuff.
Favourite Wave: Wurtulla
Favourite Surf Movie: Modern Collective, Occumentary (Occ and Luke Egan at Smoking Brunswick)
Favourite Surfer: Parko, Hands down.
Best Session Ever: 5 ft Lances Left Perfection (Mentawais) Too many at Wurtulla to Remember
Where I would like to surf: Anywhere in barrelling lefts and warm enough for boardies.
Last Surf Trip: Mentawaiis 2013


Age: 25
Location: Clontarf beach side
About: Previously worked for Rusty Surfboards and now works for Primitive.

Blunt - 6'2"
Scimitar - 6'6"
Machete - 6'3"

Stance: Natural

The Roots, Incubus, Ben Kenney, Mice Parade, Tortoise, Isotope, Jeff Parker, The Deftones and so much more. Here is some of my own stuff.
Favourite Wave: Lennox, Moffats, Margaret River, Straddie
Favourite Surf Movie: The seedling, Flow, Lost Atlas
Favourite Surfer: Slater, Reynolds, Kerr and Tudor
Best Session Ever: Cook islands on my honey moon.
Where I would like to surf: Under my house when it floods. But on a realistic scale the barrier reef.
Last Surf Trip: Margret River


Age: 21



Brooke has joined our team this year and has already shown her value. She loves her surfing and can't wait to out there whenever she can



Stance: Natural

Beautiful Girls, Donavon Frankenreiter, Rascall Flatts

Favourite Wave:

Double Island Point, Beachies

Favourite Surf Movie:

One Californian Day

Favourite Surfer:

Rasta, Parko, Tyler Wright

Best Session Ever:

Would have to be a perfect 3-4ft clean a barreling weekend we had between Yamba and Grafton!!

Where I would like to surf:

Maldives, Hawaii, Bali and New Zealand

Last Surf Trip:  Honeymoon


Age: 15
Location: Bris
About: Max is our new junior, he is doing a great job filling Treno's shoes.

5'10" Blunt, 5'10" Punt, 5'9" DFR, 5'6" Bum Beard, 6'6" Gun

Stance: Natural
Music:  A bit of everything
Favourite Wave:  Farms - Maldives, Boiling Pot
Favourite Surf Movie:  Quiksilver Young Guns 2
Favourite Surfer:  Dane Reynolds, Mick Fanning
Best Session Ever:  South Straddy
Where I would like to surf:  Mentawais
Last Surf Trip:  Maldives 2012


Age: 15
Location: Brisbane
About: Jack is our junior number 2, only number 2 because he followed Max. We'll let them fight it out who really is number one!

Blunt - 5'9", Scimitar - 5'11", Performance Mini Mal - 6'6"

Stance: Goofy
Music: Folk, Rock, Indy.
Favourite Wave: Farms - Maldives
Favourite Surf Movie:  
Favourite Surfer: The young Taj Burrow.
Best Session Ever: Farms - Maldives 2012, 4 foot, glassy as hell and 6-7 turns on every wave
Where I would love to surf: Mentawais
Last Surf Trip:  Maldives 2012


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